Concrete and Gold – Foo Fighters: The most loved man in rock n roll is back!

Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

The most loved man in rock n roll, Mr Dave Grohl, has returned accompanied by his decibels with the release of Foo Fighters’ new record Concrete and Gold. That’s right the Foos are back, back to what they a good at, producing a timeless style of rock n roll that has somewhat been lost back through the decades. The Foo Fighters are now up amongst the Gods of rock with this record. As if they weren’t there already if we’re being realistic, but it’s safe to say they are not running out of steam. ‘Concrete and Gold’ is a treasure to be bath in as you get through the third time of playing the record the entire way through for the next decision you make to be simple… play it again!

From stone-cold killer singles ‘Run’ and ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’, to the old school riffs of ‘Make it Right’, this album breaths rock n roll. It’s a salute to everything Foo Fighters have become and to who those that have influenced them along the way. You can see a lot of the tracks on this album becoming crowd favourites. One track in particular that needs to be highlight is ‘Dirty Water’, a smooth up-tempo number that just keeps building to an amazing rock n roll crescendo. I’d say restrain yourself from skipping to it, but as soon as you put this album on you’re going to want to listen to it from start to finish.

From the opening song ‘T-Shirt’, which raises the curtain perfectly, to the album-titled finale, you can’t help but think this could be an album to beat the mind-blowingly successful Wasted Lights. Dave Grohl and co please take a bow, as this is true work of a genius and should be on every spotify playlist going.


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