Dinosaur Pile-Up come roaring back onto the scene with new album ‘Celebrity Mansions’

Dinosaur Pile-Up – ‘Celebrity Mansions’ – 07/06/19

Dinosaur Pile-Up have always been punctual with their distinct gravelly distorted guitar tone, shouty vocals and throbbing drums over the years with earlier releases ‘Nature Nurture’ and ‘Growing Pains’ with ‘Celebrity Mansions’ being no different. This release is a riff-infused, hundred mile an hour, pop-rock extravaganza with a dash of a punk.

The opening track ‘Thrash Metal Cassette’ kicks in with an irresistibly catchy riff that won’t stop you banging your head and it’s a definitive banger to open the album with. This track is distinctive of earlier work, capturing what has defined the sound of a Dinosaur Pile-Up song. They manage to squeeze in cheerleader style gang vocals chanting about thrash metal which adds to the songs ‘anthem’ style this track boasts. And as Matt Bigland says “I’m gonna shred ‘til I’m dead anyway” which makes this song into an anthem in ode to all that is thrash metal.

‘Back Foot’ has a vibrant rock and roll style opening riff that sets the pace for the rhythmic switch between Limp Bizkit style rap / spoken word to Matt’s gritty vocals. He pulls of this attempt at rapping with ease, definitely a style that could work its way into Dinosaur Pile-Ups sound. ‘Stupid Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Loser Punk’ sees Bigland serenade “I want you, to want me, like I want you” – the entire track encapsulating a boisterous, frenetic punk infused attempt at a love letter. ‘Celebrity Mansions’ embodies a grungy Weezer-esque sound with the guitars droning along, carrying the track at a leisurely, swaying pace. ‘Pouring Gasoline’ sees Bigland really stretch his vocal capacity, his piercing highs and crooning lows are driven along with the guitars which have had the distortion pumped right up; creating a full-bodied rock song that is strong from start to finish.

‘Black Limousine ‘and ‘Professional Freak’ both embody touching, uplifting, positive messages to accept yourself as who you are – no matter what that is. These tracks carry a solid tune throughout and the lyricism explores realistic themes which carry emotional weight – a nice breather between the energy. ‘Long Way Down’, another slow ballad inspired track concludes the album nicely. Dinosaur Pile-Up are definitely pushing themselves out  there and are rising in the ranks to be the band to look out for in the near future.

Review: Steph Evans

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