Review: Muse drop system challenging new album with ‘Drones’

Muse – Drones – 05/06/10



A profound telling through imagery is the first impression for most with Muse’s new album ‘Drones’. Joysticks, mindless, brainwashed drones. When often, through previous ventures the finger has been pointed at the system, the hierarchy and ‘the man’. The finger seems firmly aimed at us; the population.

Bellamy seems to be full of anguish stemming from a lack of control. Not just with personal relationships, Bellamy having recently split from actress Kate Hudson, but with his relationship with society. All of our relationship with society. ‘Dead Inside’ begins the conversation in a Muse flavoured electronic accent. Bellamy’s ever-present guitar conducting with it’s usual confidence.

Snarling guitar lines tremble in ‘Psycho’ are reminiscent of ‘Uprising’ from 2009 album ‘Resistance’. A ferocious song with attitude and spite. Further sampling of “Drill Sergeant” to push a point that is slightly too ambiguous in nature but holds some merit.

A step into the anthem writing void, with songs like ‘Mercy’ and ‘Revolt’. Bellamy must have had row-Z in his mind when writing these songs as it’s easy to see how they could fill arenas with his every present message.
Into the meat of the album and this feels like the war-zone, absolute control chaos in robotic malice from ‘Reapers’ and the back to basics feel of ‘The Handler’. This seems the case as the narrative comes to a close and what’s left is but dust and desolation in the final third. ‘Drones’ leaves us with clear tonal structure and choral presence. The a cappella homage to the wreckage lain out throughout the album is a dainty close to what could have been an incredible album.

A hit and miss album with all the potential in the world that will, unfortunately, change nothing in the edifice of our society in the manner I believe Bellamy wishes it would. Or is it simply about having a voice and using it?
6/10 – By Muse’s previous standards. (Maybe I’m holding on a little too tight to the past?)

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