Review: Holding Absence set the bar high with their debut album

Holding Absence – ‘Holding Absence’ – 08/03/19

Holding Absence have been on the radar for some time, releasing tit-bits of what they have to offer such as the split ‘Permanent/Dream Of Me’ and single ‘Penance’. Now, their debut album is out for the world to hear and it has been beautifully hand-crafted to deliver a record that is both emotive and dark, yet sonically triumphant from start to finish.

The introductory track ‘Perish’ starts off with an atmospheric build up, guitar notes softly ringing out before they crack up the intensity and come cascading in, the thrashing drum beats delivered by Ashley Green really giving this track strong start to the album.

The proceeding track ‘Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)’ is a serenade that projects a theme of love and loss. Woodland pens a feeling of misery through his cries of “When I am finally dead, maybe I’ll come back as someone else”, the delicacy of his voice heightening the poignant feeling to this track by reaching the most piercing of highs to the softest of serenades. Woodland’s vocal range throughout this release shows off his undeniable talent and passion for the words; his voice is commanding and moving, especially in ‘To Fall In Asleep’, his voice establishes itself as one of the most prevailing and unique elements to Holding Absence’s sound.

‘Like A Shadow’ takes a more upbeat turn, this full bodied track presents melodic guitar hooks driven by punchy drum beats, from the get-go ‘Like A Shadow’ makes itself definitive stand out track. This then leads straight into ‘You Are Everything’; an open letter to believe in yourself and to follow your hopes and dreams. The accompanying music video for this song is a touching visual for the undeniable love and dedication to not only their fan base, but their artistry, showing how unstoppable Holding Absence have become.  

‘Marigold’ is driven by a delicate piano melody with Woodland’s voice echoing into the ether, evoking this incredibly haunting feeling to the track which definitely tugs on the heart strings. Holding Absence blatantly demonstrate a knowledge and craftsmanship that has been perfected on how to evoke emotion in every track, each song narrates a different story that is cathartic in one way or another.

The finale track ‘Wilt’ brings the release to a slow and steady finish. Holding Absence have delivered a monumental debut album and they can only get better from here on out.

The album is out via Sharptone records now.


  1. Perish
  2. Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)
  3. Like A Shadow
  4. You Are Everything
  5. Marigold
  6. To Fall Asleep
  7. Monochrome
  8. A Godsend
  9. Last Of The Evening Light
  10. Purge
  11. Wilt

Review: Steph Evan

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