Review: The Blue Dawns leave it all behind to progress with ‘Death of us’

The Blue Dawns – Death of us – 12/06/15


the blue dawns death of us

The Blue Dawns, a York based 3 piece consisting of front man Ross (bass and vocals), Ben (Guitar) and Jordan (Drums). Think ‘El Camino’ Black Keys and The Arctic Monkeys have a super-charged love child. Having formed in early 2014, the trio have developed a seasoned sound; already boasting two quality EPs: ‘I’ve Seen the Signs’ and “Against the Tide” both released in 2014.  A passionate threesome with an unrelenting desire to push their sound to the limits to reach their audience. Cue the birth of ‘Death of Us’ a four-track EP with a lot to say for itself.

The first and title track of the EP, released June 12th, has rock, has roll and has a lot of guts. An immeasurably memorable riff lines the song with quality and swagger, guiding us through this rock anthem. The combination of Ben’s guitar, that has been developed into an emphatic voice, sounding through the song and Ross’s meaty bass line walk hand in hand. There’s always a danger of over-doing pedals and effects when you have the bare bones of a 3-piece, however, the sound is well-rounded with a sumptuous balance of overdrive and octaves.

A proclamation “This will be the death of us!” is hard not to be a part of. The energy displayed within the song is contagious and I defy anyone not to be singing the riff or the hook after one listen. ‘Leave It All Behind’ is rock and roll bread and butter. It’ll have you tapping your feet from the first chucking riff to the final cadence. An absolute pleasure to listen to and offers some insight into the time the band take with their work and the timeless music they are creating. A complimentary vocal line simmers over the instrumental pot with ease.

We take a plunge into the depths of British rock with ‘Turn Out The Lights’, an octave lined bass riff leading the charge. A song that will make you grimace for all the right reasons. Crafty drums are the foundation of The Blue Dawns and masterfully add that umph that is often lost and understated within bands. It has to be mentioned the quality of the production here as well. There’s a lot to contend with that has been balanced and mixed to perfection creating a personality within the music.

We come to the final chapter of the EP, a reluctant end for myself. ‘Watch Me’ has my ears on alert immediately through a simplistic tonally pleasing riff, clean and crisp. A delightful juxtaposing chorus throws a spanner in the works and we return to the familiar forceful chorus that is becoming prevalent within The Blue Dawns sound. It can’t be overlooked that the lyrics aren’t your average word-smith nonsense to fill the void. There is always substance within the bands message, I encourage you to listen carefully through each song and experience the songs for their musical content as well as their lyrical presence.

A genuinely thrilling listen, I’m eagerly awaiting an album now…

Review – Will Paddison

Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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