Review – Yorks finest Amongst Thieves March for the Sun with new EP!

Amongst Thieves – March for the Sun – 14/05/15

Amongst Thieves

Post-hardcore quintet Amongst Thieves come crashing in with their new 6 song EP ‘March For The Sun.’ Members Josh Nash (vocals), Alex Morgan (lead guitar), Ricky Kwong (guitar and backing vocals), Jason Bentley (bass) and Andy Ackroyd (drums) hail from the historical city of York and bring with them a sound for the future.

Opening track ‘Alone’ rears its monstrous head like a beast emerging from the ocean stamping it’s foot on the cold ground. With inter-weaved clean and scream vocals this band has an incredibly polished sound. Arpeggiated sweeps throughout verses offers a melodic presence that walks hand in hand with the vocals. The foundations are laid through Andy Ackroyd on drums and the metaphorical architectural piece is completed with the 5 piece band providing the listener with no excuses not to listen. A lyrically reassuring song “It’s OK to be alone” is the theme and can hit home with just about anyone.

‘101’ grabs the bull by the horns and never let’s go with full-throttle drums and piercing vocals from both clean and scream. Delving into the depths of post-hardcore more-so than the opening track but maintaining a level head. The York based lads have achieved another notable song. I can’t help but notice the prowess in song-writing ability for a band that cites itself has being formed in 2013.

‘Amongst Thieves’ welcome ‘The Color Morale’ vocalist Garret Rapp and I can’t help but feel he’s thoroughly welcome. Adding an extra dynamic to the mix this is a very good choice for them as Garret will have brought with him; experience, depth and will surely bring some of the light shone on ‘The Color Morale’ over to York’s finest post-hardcore princes and rightly so. A song chomping at the bit with broad and heavy guitar statements that knock on your door in the middle of the night not letting you sleep. Another thought provoking song and I can’t help but wonder. Where the hell have these guys been up until now?!

Another guest steps into the fray in the form of fresh-faced Charlie Cassels. Another little element that has made a good EP great. AT have made smart decisions throughout the album and this is another A-grade choice. ‘Wasting Away’ shows no signs of wilting and with the added clean coals of Cassels the song has an amplified feeling of emotion to it. Fitting into a set-up like Amongst Thieves as a feature can be tough when the band have such a polished sound that would be hard to find a gap in to slot Cassels. However, her vocals merge in with ease and play a huge part in creating the eerie vibe for this tune. The song is barked to a close with screams and I’m glad. Only because I needed a breather after such an action packed song.
Hold onto your hats, ‘What We Become’ smashes through the door axe in hand. The sonic presence of guitar harmonies and clean vocals alike are extremely satisfying to listen to. A brief breath in the middle of the song acts as a climactic heart racing moment that builds to the cadence of the song in exuberant fashion.

Coming to a reluctant end the title track ‘March For The Sun’ closes a mind-blowing EP. With guitars acting almost like sirens squawking and piquing attention for a final time. An epic chorus tease into scream vocals and I’m already picturing myself seeing these guys live stuff a room full of noise that won’t let a soul go untouched. A touching sentiment in the lyric “March For The Sun” the musicality allows for the listener to really fall into the emotional state of the song. An abrupt end that pulls the carpet from under you feet and leaves you begging for more.
All in all a mesmerising EP that had me hooked from the get go. The post-hardcore princes have achieved something truly admirable and this will shoot them into the stratosphere. With elements appealing to casual and purist listeners the lads should be proud.

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