Thy Art Is Murder ‘Human Target’ | Album Review

Thy Art Is Murder – ‘Human Target’ – 26/07/19

Deathcore titans ‘Thy Art Is Murder’ come storming back onto the Deathcore scene with new album ‘Human Target’. Each track is as blistering and undeniably heavy as the last; proving deathcore is back with a vengeance. This album touches on real life topics such as human organ harvesting in China and corruption in politics, the album is dark and venomous, creating a cathartic release of the feelings of hatred for the wrongdoings in society.

‘Human Target’ was the first single to drop from the album and it’s a crushing intro track, setting the tone for the rest of the album. This intro track is downright brutal, CJ Mahon unleashing his inner beast with his ungodly howls. These vocals overlay a barrage of intense riffs that lurch and creep around the thrashing drums that are delivered with such a crushing intensity.  ‘Death Squad Anthem’ has an onslaught of mercilessly heavy riffs, unrelenting drumming and coupled with CJ’s vocals venomous gutterals, this track is ruthlessly dark and heavy – sticking to the Thy Art style.  

‘Make America Hate Again’ is one giant middle finger to the exploitation of society by our governments. This track seeps malice and disgust, especially when CJ barks out “your leaders are now your enemies”. Thy Art sonically channels the dissonance and hostility towards the current political climate in true deathcore style. ‘Welcome Oblivion’ has a haunting melody that creeps in and out throughout the track, reminisce of the opening of 2015’s track ‘Holy War.’ CJ’s vocal range never fails to impress anyway but this release once again exemplifies his ability to belt out harrowing screams to ungodly lows with ease.

‘Eye For An Eye’ has a steady and much slower build up in its intro compared to the rest of the album, but don’t be fooled, it throws you straight back into the deep end to continue the brutal assault of sound. The track ‘Chemical Christ’ nicely draws the album to a close. Thy Art Is Murder have definitely stuck to what they know by championing their deathcore roots but injected a new, raw sense of dystopia and belligerence into their sound with their lyricism.

8 / 10

Thy Art’s album ‘Human Target’ is set to drop on 26th July 2019 via Nuclear Blast.

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