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After hitting up the UK in April for an awesome headline tour, Frnkiero andthe Cellabration are heading back again this summer to play Reading & Leeds Festival. We caught up with Frank Iero to talk all things Reading & Leeds Festival!

You released your first album ‘Stomachaches’ last August, how has this album cycle been for you so far? You also have a split 7inch coming before the festivals- how did that come about and will this be the last thing for 2015 before a new record?
The cycle has been great, the response to the record has really been over whelming. Especially for a record i didn’t ever actually intend to release when i made it. The split 7 with Lonely The Brave was initiated by our label Hassle Records as a way to celebrate both of our bands playing at Reading and Leeds this year. It’s exciting to get to do things like that and also have a vehicle to release a previously unreleased b-side from the record. I imagine this will probably be the last release before a new record for me.

You just recently played a full UK tour in April/May, how was that for you?
It was really rewarding and exhausting. I love playing music and this project is very much from the heart, it also takes a lot out of me. But the shows and the kids that came out ready made it a fantastic run. Also we got to tour with some truly amazing bands and wonderful people; Axis Of, The Homeless Gospel Choir, and Milk Teeth.

 Reading and Leeds Festival is around the corner, what does it mean to you to be a part of such an iconic UK festival?
It’s an absolute honour to get to play a festival such as Reading and Leeds. As a young kid i read about all my favorite bands playing it, and now i’m lucky enough to get to play it multiple times in my life with multiple projects. it’s a dream come true.

In 2011 you headlined the main stage with My Chemical Romance, this year your playing high up on the Pit stage as a frontman for Frnkiero andthe Cellabration, how will you be approaching this year differently?
Every project is different, every stage is different, and every crowd is different. That uniqueness is what makes it fun and rewarding. I’m looking forward to a new experience and sharing that with as many people as we can.

What can we expect from your set, any surprises? And who are you looking forward to seeing over the R&L weekend?
God i hate that first question so much. i’m sorry, it’s just impossible to answer y’know? every day is a mystery, right? so we all have to expect to always be surprised by the things that haven’t happened to us yet. I have no idea what to expect from the set so why you should you? Its all surprises, every breath haha. but as far as the weekend goes I’m looking forward to having fun with my friends and seeing as many bands as i can. I’m looking forward to the new memories.

How does Reading & Leeds compare to playing festivals in America such as Warped Tour for example?
Well warped is a summer long tour with alternating line ups, so it’s a completely different animal, i don’t really know if you can compare the two. However i think there is a smoothness to Reading and Leeds that is unparalleled across the board. It really is a well run festival, and it holds such an esteemed legacy. There is a reason people hold it in such high regards.

You’ve played many festivals over the years, what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a festival?
Well our friend Paul almost choked to death in catering at Groezrock this year, that was pretty crazy.

If you could pick three headliners for the ultimate Reading & Leeds Festival line up [excluding yourselves!] who would they be and why?
Otis Redding because he was the best, and it would be fun to say you saw Otis Redding at Reading festival.
Cyndi Lauper because I love her.
Ludwig Van Beethoven because fuck it.

Finally, what are your plans for the end of 2015?
Making new stuff. I’m feeling very creative right now and i really wanna see where that takes me!


You can catch Frankiero and the Cellabration on the Pit stage at Leeds Festival on Friday 28th August, and at Reading Festival on Sunday 30th August.

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Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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