The mighty Augustines ignite the city of York!

Augustines – York Fibbers – 13/07/16

‘Lets fuck sh*t up’ is the line Billy McCarthy voices to ignite the show after introducing themselves with the hair raising ‘Headlong into the Abyss’ from their infamous debut album Rise Ye Sunken Ships.

The audience is in McCarthy’s palms as he resembles a beloved idol more in love with his admirers than they are him. A band that treasures their moments on stage and make sure it is not a moment that can easily be forgotten. And forgotten it was not…

Songs old and new completed what was an impressive two hour set from the trio, with a welcomed encore of five songs which included the heart warming acapella of ‘Running in Place’ from new album This is Life. Not many can pull this off without a cringe in the audience, but McCarthy had his followers in trance as they were transfixed on his every note.

You can’t say these guys don’t give heart, as that is what comes across more than anything at an Augustines show. The relationship with the fans is cherished, held dear to their humbleness with only one goal in mind – to deliver. And deliver they did…


The heart thumping pulse of ‘Are We Alive’ pumped through the speakers, as the crowd answered the track’s question with a lively response. They certainly were alive tonight. An attractive, fresh venue was rewarded with a filled floor all ready for good night.

Hit songs like ‘Weary Eyes’, ‘Augustine’ and ‘Book of James’ were played to perfection with McCarthy’s vocal delivery failing to disappoint. It is so satisfying to witness a true talent not wasting a single drop of a gift that most would crave. It was even nice to see McCarthy express his gratitude to his fellow followers by making an appearance among the fans on a crowded dance floor as he bellowed through an Augustine classic.

It was a show that you didn’t want to end, and with such an extended encore, there was slight excitement that it might just not. But we all knew it had to happen and the trio signed off with fan favourite ‘Cruel City’ that saw each member cut out and say their goodbyes.

Farewell fellas, thanks for a great show!


Review: Harry Owen
Photography: Danny Peart Photography

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