Beartooth bring their loud and proud ‘Aggressive Tour’ to Leeds!

Beartooth – Leeds Beckett Student Union – 09/12/16

After their successful debut album ‘Disgusting’ back in 2014, Beartooth (9) shot onto the scene and were welcomed with open arms. This year, the Ohio Hardcore outfit released their follow up album ‘Aggressive’ and have become one of the most explosive hardcore bands around, and to finish off an epic year, they finally returned to the UK to tour their fantastic new album!

Tonight is Leeds Beckett’s turn to get involved, and they have certainly snapped their hands off when the band waved this show in front of them. It’s sold out and packed from wall to wall, the drinks are flowing and and as everyone just manages to squeeze into the room as the mighty Beartooth arrive on stage with a furious start to the show with ‘Burnout’ and the new album title track ‘Aggressive’. Both tracks proving Beartooth’s worth as one of the best live hardcore bands around right now. They tear into the crowd with the new material as frontman Caleb Shomo screams through the lyrics with great energy whilst pacing the stage.

Fan favourite ‘Beaten In Lips’ from their debut album ‘Disgusting’ closely follows and continues to keep the crowd on their feet, as well as flying through the air as crowd surfers keep the security across the front of the stage incredibly busy, and it doesn’t look like the night’s going to get any easier for them either! The band burst through the highly driven track seamlessly and as always it creates one of the highlights of the night nice and early!


From here onwards Beartooth are more than proud and loud as they storm through their set mixing both new and old material to keep everyone on their toes. ‘Fair Weathered Friend’ and ‘Sick Of Me’ come across with a little more edge live than they do on the album with their sharp riffs and thumping drums. However ‘Hated’ seems to be one of the stronger performances from the new album and goes down fantastically well with the Leeds crowd.

It turns out that even though the new material is what we’ve all been dying to hear live for the first time, it’s the older tracks that create the sparks at tonight’s show. ‘The Lines’ kicks off with the crowd crouched down before jumping into the explosive intro lead by Caleb bouncing across the stage. ‘In Between’ has everyone up on their friends shoulders and sends the noise levels through the roof. It turns the show turns into absolute carnage, as literally everybody is head banging, crowd surfing, moshing, singing, or screaming along to the epic track, and those who aren’t simply just can’t because of the high intensity of the show.

It’s rather unfortunate to see people being dragged out of the crowd as they pass out near the front, but we could see this happening from early on with the venue overflowing, and the heat in the room reaching unbearable heights for those packed in the center. Luckily Security were working overtime to keep everyone safe and sound, and even get some hard earned recognition from the band with encouraged applause for their troubles.


The encore features a solo start from the frontman as he heads back to the stage with his distorted guitar alone for ‘King Of Anything’, before the band join him to make sure the noise levels reach the max for that one final song that everyone has been waiting for. Chants of “One life one decision” ring out through the room with fists pounding the air, as everyone gives it every ounce of energy left in them to make this one of the best nights of the tour for Beartooth as they close with the brutal ‘Body Bag’.

It’s been one hell of a workout for Beartooth and the Leeds crowd tonight, and even though we always want more, a small part of us is relieved to be able to get outside for a breath of cold fresh air! A real statement was made from Beartooth tonight and we’re sure to see much more of them next summer through the festival season. If you missed them this month, then keep your eyes peeled for an explosive return in 2017!

Check out our live photos of Beartooth at Leeds Beckett Student Union here!

Photography – © Danny Peart Photography

Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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