Bring Me The Horizon & Fever 333 stun Leeds with an energetic show

Bring Me The Horizon / Fever 333 – Leeds Arena – 24/11/18

Leeds has seen many incredible shows in its time at the arena, but there’s not much that could have prepared us for what we were about to witness. Steel City’s finest are back on the block, and teasing us with two new incredible songs from the upcoming album ‘amo’ they are ready to take the UK by storm once again.

Giving the Leeds crowd a solid workout before Bring Me The Horizon take the stage is no other than American rapcore supergroup Fever 333 (10). Formed with ex Letlive vocalist Jason Butler, former guitarist of The Chariot Stevis Harrison, and drummer Aric Improta from Night Verses, these guys already know the ins and outs of how to throw an incredible show. Bursting onto the stage to the sound of recent single ‘Burn It’, Fever 333’s presence is enough to draw everyone away from the bar in seconds.

Frontman Jason Butler uncontrollably throws himself around the huge stage singing and screaming his way through a short set built up of their EP ‘Made In America’. It’s an EP that appeared with no warning as it’s release earlier in the year took us all by surprise. Much like Rage Against The Machine they deliver a clear message addressing and reacting to the worlds social and political issues, whilst blowing our minds with some explosive music at the same time. EP title track ‘Made in America’ is an absolute belter and its delivered with great intent by the trio. These guys have an unbelievable amount of energy on stage and it rubs straight off onto the crowd as mosh pits open up in no time leaving everyone bouncing along and throwing themselves around with the band.

The music scene has been missing something special like Fever 333, and now they are here there’s going to be no stopping them. We’re left begging for them to announce a UK headline tour next year so we can see them tear the UK to pieces. Keep a keen eye on Fever 333.

After such an incredible show from Fever 333 there’s a slight worry Bring Me The Horizon (10) could have just been upstaged by their support act, but we’re soon left feeling rather stupid as the Sheffield lads hit the stage to the brilliant ‘Mantra’ and the room bursts into life. Frontman Ollie Sykes makes his way down the catwalk to screams and spends the majority of the set singing as close to the crowd as possible making sure everyone’s fully involved. He even jumps down for high fives during ‘Avalanche’ as he runs across the barrier singing with the fans.

It’s an incredibly large stage standing around 9ft tall and one of the biggest the arena has probably seen, but as huge and empty as it may be, BMTH fill it with their energy throughout the show incredibly comfortably. The band perform each track with precision and sound incredibly tight from track to track, as they take us on a rollercoaster ride through their impressive back catalogue of music.

As expected the majority of the set is built up of the big hits from the last two albums ‘Sempiternal’ and ‘That’s The Spirit’. ‘Sleepwalking’, ‘Shadow Moses’ and ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ all spark a huge reaction from the crowd as they did 5 years ago, and the more recent ‘Happy Song’ poking fun at the fact the world’s fucked still brings a cheeky smile to our faces as a blast of streamers fly across the arena above the moshpits.

The second and last of the new material in the set is the new single ‘Wonderful Life’ and it’s built for shows like this. With a huge Limp Bizkit like killer guitar riff and tongue and cheek lyrics you can’t help but love it, and it’s even equipped with a massive breakdown to get those pits nice and wide before madness unfolds for that final chorus.

Surprisingly mid set out of nowhere BMTH take us back to the start and play a mix of the older material from the early days. A mash up of ‘The Comedown’, ‘(I Use To Make Out With) Medusa’, Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ and ‘They Have No Reflections’ brings huge grins to the faces of the old school Bring Me The Horizon fans, and a look of slight confusion to the more recent fans who likely haven’t seen this side of BMTH!

An acoustic stripped back version of ‘Drown’ may seem like a risky decision as it’s one of the biggest bounciest crowd pleasers live, but the choice to mix things up pays off as it sounds fantastic stripped back.

An encore of ‘Doomed’ and ‘Throne’ push the Leeds crowd to the limits with the energy levels rising through the roof as everyone knows it’s their last chance to dance, mosh, crowdsurf, and sing to the top of their voices.

It’s been a whole 5 years since BMTH played a headline show in Leeds, and it was without doubt worth the wait. It feels more like a show to celebrate the past of the band with only a taster of new material in the set, but expect Bring Me The Horizon to be back on the big stages next year when ‘amo’ is released. Mr Sykes claims it’s ‘gonna blow our fucking minds’ and based on what we’ve  heard so far he’s probably going to be damn right.

Check out the full live in photos set of Fever 333 HERE, and Bring Me The Horizon HERE!

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