Feeder return to York boasting their new album ‘Black/Red’


With their upcoming 12th album ‘Black/Red’ ready for its release on the 5th April, Welsh rock band Feeder are back on the road across the UK and we couldn’t be more excited to hear some of their new material live for the first time! Now past the halfway point of their UK tour, for their 12th show they roll back into York to take on the Barbican, with fond memories of a great show there back in April 2017 which feels like a lifetime ago.

An eager crowd awaits the return of Feeder filling the room from front to back, as the stage is set with black and red dressing in the style of their new album, and it feels like the start of a new chapter for this band who have already achieved so much in their 30-year long career and don’t show any signs of slowing down.

The lyrics “Here we are still climbing up that hill” fittingly open the show to the upbeat riff of new track ‘ELF’ behind the mist of red lights warming the stage. Frontman Grant Nicholas and Bassist Taka Hirose, both original members of the group look as comfortable as ever on stage with a hint of a smile breaking through their game faces as they kick off the show with great intent.

‘Feeling The moment’ soon follows and everyone is singing along to one of their most moving hits and we’re well on track for another Feeder special. The 90 minute set plays out dipping in and out of new tracks from the upcoming album with ‘Lost in the Wilderness’ and ‘The Knock’ nice and early, and both do well representing their new album as some of Feeders best material, including ‘playing With Fire’ which has a lot more edge to it with its driven bassline and cutting guitar creating one of the standout performances of the set.  

 It’s not all about ‘Black/Red’ however, as our favourites such as ‘Just the Way I’m Feeling’, ‘Come Back Around’, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘High’ all feature and go down exceptionally with the York crowd. The fans have been enjoying the show but haven’t really shown much sign of movement, even with the efforts of the frontman to try to get some people bouncing around throughout the set. But that all changes when their super hit ‘Buck Rodgers’ kicks in and the floor is bouncing again like it’s 2001.

As the band leave the stage momentarily it’s clear there’s something rather key missing from the set for the expected encore, but before that Feeder return to the stage for ‘Soldiers of Love’ which brings something a little different to the set with its swaying and lifting chorus. As expected, ‘Just a Day’ closes out the night with a bit more energy on a high to one of their biggest songs to date as it bursts out throughout the Barbican.

It’s the perfect show for Feeder to announce their return and it’s clear from their performance it’s almost effortless for the rock veterans to bring the Feeder experience all over the UK. What better way to announce their return and gather a bit of momentum to drop what is sounding to be likely another fantastic album on us in a couple of week’s time!

Check out the full set of live photos of Feeder in York here!


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