Glass Caves and guests bring York Fibbers alive!

Glass Caves/ Faux Pas / Corella / In Sulks
Fibbers York // 18.3.17

 Another phenomenal night took place in Fibbers, York this Saturday. With four brilliant bands putting on a great show…

in sulks
Starting the night off were Sheffield four piece In Sulks (8), made up of Tom Nugent (Vocals and guitar), Arran Turton-Phillips (guitar), Harris Slater (drums) and Hazim Farrell (bass guitar) they are an upbeat indie sound with a hint of punk. They opened up with ‘Trenches’, front man Tom carried the music well with strong vocals, similar to the likes of a young Alex Turner blended with Joe Strummer and then something completely unique. They played ‘Tomorrow’ which can be found on Spotify, the song has a great beat with fun guitar melodies and riffs, these contrasted perfectly with the deeper vocals. During the final song ‘Down The Line’ Tom had technical issues with his guitar, eventually giving up and putting it down, he took back to the mic and pulled off the rest of the song with a great attitude. Despite losing a guitar the song continued to sound exceptionally good.

Next up were four piece Corella (8), formed in Manchester, opening up with ‘I Can See Her’. They followed this with their single ‘See The Day’. The song has a rhythm that an audience can’t keep still to, everyone had to move for this song. Bassist Ben Henderson provides a funky bassline that is layered with catchy riffs from both guitarists, and melodic vocals from Joel Smith. Throughout their set the crowd was dancing and providing a loud applaud at the end of every song. Corella also played ‘Fever’ which they recently released a video for, James Fawcett provides an excellent drum beat and continued to throughout their set. Corella got the crowd going and raised the energy in the room. They finished off their set with ‘Waterfall’ which was the perfect way to end their set, Jack Taylor’s fender lead the upbeat indie pop through this song and had the whole room dancing.

The lead support was York band Faux Pas (8) made up of Reuben Cowl (vocals and rhythm guitar), Lewis Egdell (lead guitar), Morgan Lindley (backing vocals and bass guitar) and Joey Leyland (drums). The band brought a streak of punk to the gig with their indie punk sound. They opened with One In Three, Reuban’s grungey vocals matched their edgier indie sound perfectly. From the first song it was clear they had a great stage presence and the crowd loved them. When songs kicked in the whole band really went for it. They played ‘Downtime’ which they said they wanted to see people on shoulders for, and that’s what the crowd gave them. At one point they got their manager on stage who took over Morgan’s bass for a song, it continued their vibrant energy. They also played the remaining two songs off their EP ‘You Can Owe Me’ and ‘I Hate Dancing’ throughout their set, it was clear there were fans in the room as some people were singing along. They concluded their set with ‘Weak’ and left the crowd ready for Glass Caves.

glass caves holly elizabeth
The screen behind the stage changed to a blue screen with ‘Glass Caves’ on and the lights darkened, after a short wait music began to play and Glass Caves (9) walked onto the stage, the crowd echoed with applause. They opened with one of their well-known song ‘Do You Have Name’, the crowd sung a long to every word, people were dancing throughout the whole room. They followed this with ‘Why Stay’ every song they played was reciprocated back to them loudly.

The crowd had a lot of energy in them and you could psychically see it, not just from how much everyone was dancing but if you looked above them you could actually see steam coming off their moving bodies, Glass Caves managed to turn Fibbers into a sauna full of dance. There was a constant flow of people on each other’s shoulders and cheers of excitement as each song was played, the energy in the room was nothing but positive.

We were even treated to a solo off front man Matt Hallas, the rest of the band walked off stage and he picked up the Gibson Les Paul that had been sat on stage unused “It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a guitar so I might be a bit rusty” he laughed. But little could we tell, he gave as much energy as he had with the rest of the band and the crowd loved it.

glass caves holly elizabeth

They played ‘Breaking Out’, ‘Alive’ and ‘Out of Control’ in a row, three of their most energetic songs, the people of York are not ones to get tired, if anything the crowd got rowdier and more energetic with each song and so did the lads on stage. One of the bouncers was on his first day of the job and boy did he have his work cut out, one woman persistently trying to get in front of the barrier, at one point she had somehow found her way on stage. Dancing with her arm around Matt’s waist, the bouncer quickly got her off the stage. Matt handled the situation better than most would and carried on giving a great performance and swaying with her. A few people crowd suffered, but mostly people just danced their hardest.

glass caves holly elizabeth

Glass Caves finished with their not yet released single ‘Swim’, but it was clear some of their biggest fans were in the crowd as there were people singing along despite it not yet being released. The band are known for busking; it’s clear a lot of the people that stand on the streets watching them were doing so indoors. ‘Swim’ had a great reciprocation, everyone loved it and the band played it with clear energy and passion.

They left the stage and as expected at any gig in Yorkshire, the classic chant was given by the crowd. The band walked back on and Matt made a joke about the Yorkshire chant being the reason they came back on “you know how it works” he said. The guitar riff every fan knows and loves played through the amplifiers and the crowd lost it, ‘Go’ as an encore was a brilliant choice. The song is none stop energy driven, with amazing riffs and a great drumming Elliot Fletcher. Over all, no less than expected the band put on a great show, full of energy, they have a great stage presence a clear love for their fans. I recommend you go and see them if you can, but also keep your eye out for them as they’re found busking in cities all over!

glass caves holly elizabeth

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Review & Photography: Holly Elizabeth

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