Neon Waltz & Rosborough go head to head in Leeds

Neon Waltz & Rosborough – Leeds – Headrow House – 19/o2/18

Early punters gathered to see North Ireland’s Rosborough (7) belt out some stirring sounds. Singer and guitarist Glen Rosborough and his drummer manage to create a lot of noise for a two-piece, almost instantly winning the Headrow House crowd over. Rosborough is clearly a gifted singer/songwriter with a distinctive voice that lingers in your mind, with only two tracks Blue Burn and Another Lesson out at the moment Rosborough is definitely one to watch.

As Neon Waltz (6) took the stage I couldn’t help but notice a few things, firsts it was a strange mix in the crowd so many ages, genders and demographics in the room. Secondly Headrow House have some of the worst lighting ever, 6 flashing pink and red lights setting an somewhat unusual atmosphere. The band came out and the crowd stood back but after the first track Sundial singer Jordan Shearer encouraged the crowd to move close and there was an immediate shift in the crowd’s presence towards upbeat ease.

The boys seem young, and have a slight bit of the too cool attitude of a band much older, but maybe this is because they’ve been touring since 2014 which is quite a while for a band with only one album. Neon Waltz have some gusto behind them churning through tracks from their debut release Strange Hymns and even debuted an unheard track from their forthcoming album. There is not a lot of room on stage between the six of them but they make use of whatever they can.

By the time the band get’s around to playing arguably their most popular tracks Heavy Heartless and Dreamers the room is dancing (didn’t even put a waltzing pun in there) and arms were in the air,. Ending with Bring Me To Light it was a shame that by the time everyone was finally letting go that the set was over, but they managed to do the one thing a band should always do. Leave them wanting more.

Check out more live photos from this show here!

Photos & Review: Amy Heycock

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