SLASH & co. return to the UK for a blistering show in Newcastle

SLASH ft Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators – Newcastle O2 City Hall – 31/03/2024

With Guns N’ Roses closing out their world tour in November at Hell & Heaven Metal Fest, you’d expect the band members to enjoy a break from touring. But for GN’R guitarist Slash, it’s just another opportunity to continue shredding guitar solos across the world and writing incredible new music.

Having released his fourth album with Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators in 2022 fans are more than familiar with the killer tracks the dynamic supergroup created for the record, and now it’s time to experience it live as Slash, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators hit the road for a world tour.

Having toured across Asia in March, they have returned once again to the UK, the homeland of Stoke born guitarist Slash for a set of Arena shows including the London AVO, Manchester AO, and Birmingham Resorts World. However, sandwiched in is Newcastle’s much more intimate O2 City Hall, a venue with the capacity of just over 2000, and simply put, 10 times smaller than Manchester AO Arena. So, there is clear excitement in the venue building up for a chance to get up close with the guitar hero himself.

The 22 song setlist kicks off with Slash jumping into the start of ‘The River is Rising’ fittingly the opening track from album ‘4’ and the sound of rock n roll thunders out through the City Hall. Frontman Myles Kennedy glides around centre stage with much confidence and grinning with pleasure as Slash pulls out his first of many finger bending guitar solos which the crowd cheer and encourage with excitement.

It perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the show and we’re taken on a journey of pure blues filled Rock n’ Roll tracks from the group’s four albums including a few from Slash’s solo album such as ‘Back from Cali’ and the incredibly driven ‘Doctor Alibi’ which was written with Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, which Conspirators vocalist and Bassist Todd Kerns takes centre stage to sing with Slash. The bassist sings a few other songs through the night and is at the top of his game with a fantastic performance throughout, and his energy rubs off on the Newcastle crowd infectiously.

Those hoping for some covers of Velvet revolver and Guns N’ Roses will be left feeling short changed, but for good measure Slash has included one old GN’R track in the form of ‘Don’t Damn Me’ which Todd sang incredibly well, and it was an opportunity for fans to see Slash play an old track that’s not usually featured on the GN’R tours none the less.

Myles Kennedy modestly leads us through the majority of the set and his vocals are as usual incredible live and fit the sound of Slash’s blues driven Rock N’ Roll so well, which is presumably why Slash had to create their first album together following their link up for his solo album for ‘Back to Cali’.

Highlights of the set include fan favourites ‘You’re a Lie’, ‘Halo’ and ‘Wicked Stone’ which features one of the longest guitar solos of the night with Slash flaunting his incredible playing and demonstrating why he is one of if not the best guitarists in the world.

2014’s ‘World on Fire’ closes out the set with its explosive chorus and infectious riffs, and breaks down for the band to introduce each other before the final chorus. As you’d expect with any good Rock show there is an encore to follow, but one with something a little different. Slash & Myles are joined by drummer Brent Fritz on his keyboard for a stripped back and fantastic cover of Elton John’s ‘Rocket man’ which was sang beautifully by Mr Kennedy.

To no one’s surprise, as slash picks up his guitar for one last song the beautiful riff of ‘Anastasia’ plays out and kicks into the huge explosive riff, and the roar from the crowd only shows how much they’ve been waiting for this moment through the show and it was well worth the wait. Slash, Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators are a Rock N’ Roll force to be reckoned with as they are incredibly tight live and create such magnificent music proven now across multiple albums. A truly fantastic and intimate show at the City Hall and one the fans and Slash will remember for his return to the stage for the first time since 1987 according to the legend himself.

Check out the full set of live photos of SLASH ft Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators HERE!


Photo Credit: © Danny Peart Photography 2024
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