The Hunna blow Norwich up like a bonfire!

The Hunna – Norwich – The Waterfront – 07/10/16

the hunna

‘Blew up like a bonfire!’ seem to be the feeling of the night as this alternate rock band continues to play another amazing gig in Norwich’s ‘The Waterfront’ after the release of their album ‘100’. Delivering tour after tour growing in fan base The Hunna (7) seems to be taking over the rock scene, and it’s hard to not fallBlew up like a bonfire in love with this band, from the big riffs to smart lyrics complimented by Ryan’s smooth and seamless vocal range always delivering a top show.

The high octane performance can be felt from the start with the guitars and drums filling the room only to be greeted by a roar from the crowd as the band opens with one of their bangers, ‘We could Be’ getting everyone jumping and excited for the set to come. Watching the show fills the eyes with countless emotions, from the hair flicks to the guitar swings and pure grit that these guys put into their shows through the amount of love they give their sound and audience, never failing to impress. Their interaction with the crowd makes their performances seem personal to each fan making an everlasting bond and link the kind hearted nature of the band members to each audience member making them keep coming back for more and enjoy every second of the show, as you find yourself not wanting it to end!

Playing hit songs such as ‘We Could be’ and ‘You & Me’ left everyone in a level of ecstasy wanting more from each song. It’s so satisfying to see a band who so clearly love what they’re doing so much and allowing it to come across in their music and delivering it so perfectly just adds to the experience further.

Close to the end of the set, as your hoping for it not to end, they play one of their more well-known songs, and oh boy does it go off. With the crowd erupting in song as the intro to ‘Bonfire’ ques with an almost echo to Ryan’s voice with the crowd not missing a word! Really feeling like everyone for this one point in time, in this room is on the same wave length and sharing this experience with each other.

Closing their set with ‘Bad For you’, a more recently released song, was a perfect way to close things off, as a more mellow song connoting some deep emotions, felt like an almost lullaby finishing the show which I’m sure no one wanted to end and a perfect end to this epic UK Tour.

The future seems bright for this band with tours out in the States and even more tours of the UK you can be sure to catch them in your area again very soon for even more rock!

Cheers lads and hope to see you in a stadium soon!

Review: Kane Layland

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