Brooders set to release self titled mini album!


Following the success of their HAZE single and accompanying UK tour with Kit Trigg and Goldsands in September 2016, and the follow up single CLING and accompanying dates in December, Leeds based BROODERS are ready to unleash their debut, self-titled mini album.

Formed in October 2014 as a duo under the original name of Hunny, in February 2016 the band recruited a bassy Southerner to join the ranks under the name BROODERS. The name being an English variation of the German word for ‘brothers’, the ties between the band couldn’t be closer. This kicking and screaming trio from Derby, Nottingham and London, now based in Leeds, are here to stay.
Having gigged almost constantly for two years, sharing stages with the likes of God Damn, Fizzy Blood and I Divide, and perfecting their often truly venomous sound, the Psyche-Grunge three-piece take a fresh approach to the ‘90s traditions of angry, emotive grunge, updating it with monumental melodies, spine tingling hooks and breakdowns.
BROODERS have crafted a sound that resonates with the gritty backdrop of the ever-thriving Leeds underground scene, and the six tracks here are further fine examples of their art.
Recorded at Greenmount Studios in Leeds, where the likes of The Cribs, Piskie Sits, Beans On Toast, Pulled Apart by Horses, The Vaccines, Allusondrugs and Forward Russia have all previously recorded, the mini album loosely records one year of brooding, one which can almost be listened to as a diary of the events and experiences, both emotional and literal, and often unpalatable, that the band, as indeed all of us, have encountered over the past twelve months.
The result is one of visceral power; the amazing thing being that such visceral power has been created by a three-piece. Through the inherent fury of THRILL KILLER to the initially more sedate CLING which gradually erupts with abandon; to the clear evidence within SAY YOUR PRAYERS that the singer can sing as well as scream with the ferocity of a blowtorch; to the staggering power of HAZE, the song that initially generated such attention; the rhythmic and powerful BLUE EYED PRINCE, their best example of quiet and loud, melody and noise, lulling us into an ill-advised sense of safety; and, finally, the epic MELANCHOLY which, startlingly, seems almost to trump everything that’s gone before.
And the truly astonishing thing is that they somehow replicate this, and more, when playing live. It really does beggar belief.
But don’t just take our word for it:
“… Images of Hanna Barbera cartoons and some nasty looking clowns share the screen with Brooders on their Haze video; three minutes of loud, chaotic and kooky psyche-grunge …” VULTURE HOUND
“… Cling builds and builds with a bridge thrown in that makes for a colossal finish; with their already mammoth sound, it does nothing less than cement the trio as one of the most exciting acts to reach out from the underground in 2016 …” THE INDIE-PENDENT
“… The melodic very rarely sits alongside terms such as grunge or psyche, but Brooders have released a sound that immediately embeds itself into your brain with its forceful hooks …” FLICK OF THE FINGER
“… A riot of fuzzy guitars and visceral melodies, an absolute banger of a tune …” BANG THE DRUM
We trust these people. We hope you do too …
Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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