Charlie Simpson and brothers collaborate as Once Upon A Dead Man!

Once Upon a Dead Man is the sound of three well known brothers and an old friend making a foray into new territory together.

It’s an excursion that’s been some time in the planning; brothers Edd, Charlie and Will Simpson had long talked about collaborating, but their respective careers (in Brigade, Busted, Fightstar, More Dangerous Animal and Union Sound Set) meant it was a few years before the project came to fruition.

Once Upon a Dead Man

Along with long-time friend and collaborator Simon Britcliffe, the Simpson brothers have today, released ‘Concepts and Phenomena’. The EP is a deft blend of beautifully constructed vocal harmonies and washes of electronica. The band consciously stepped outside the traditional label structure to record the EP in their own time, with no predetermined musical direction, no defined roles within the band, and no commercial objective.

Converging on Suffolk’s Old Jet studios with co-producer Jesse Quin, each member found themselves using more sequencing and synths than ever before during a series of relaxed sessions. The resulting recordings are the perfect product of a group of musicians who’ve known each other for decades, balancing bouncing beats and glacial soundscapes with plenty of fraternal warmth.

OUADM are Inspired by artists such as Jimmy LaValle and Mark Kozelek, The National, American Analog Set and the Postal Service, amongst many others.

Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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