Fickle Friends new EP ‘Weird Years: Season 2’ out now ft new single ‘Won’t Hurt Myself’

What’s the key to creating an essential second season? It’s simple, but far easier said than done: maintain the spark of the original while also introducing fresh elements that bring new ideas to a familiar setting. That’s precisely what forward-thinking electro/indie-pop quartet Fickle Friends have done with their new EP ‘Weird Years: Season 2’, which is out now. Listen HERE. Watch the official video for ‘Won’t Hurt Myself’ HERE.

The EP’s first two singles – ‘Not In The Mood’ and ‘Cosmic Coming of Age’ –  sparked a surge of acclaim, new streaming support, and further plays from Annie Mac. Now Fickle Friends share ‘Season 2’ with the new single ‘Won’t Hurt Myself’. The song closes the new EP in dramatic style, building skywards from the keys and elemental beats of its introduction into a full-bodied maelstrom of soaring synths and serrated guitars.

The sheer scale of those contrasts reflects the passion of its emotions. “Every day’s like Halloween but I just want to leave the party,” sings a brokenhearted Natti Shiner. But ultimately it’s about striving to do the best for yourself, regardless of how down you may feel. As the chorus counters, “I won’t hurt myself the way you want me to.”

“‘Won’t Hurt Myself’ reflects on when relationships end and you can’t help but criticise every decision you made,” says Natti.“Did I jump in too fast? Why did I let myself get hurt for so long? Your heart aches so much you can’t feel anything else. You are numb.”

The EP’s other new song, ‘Turns Me Bad’, feels like an introductory chapter to ‘Won’t Hurt Myself’. A collaboration with Nashville alt-poppers Nightly, it’s a melodic firecracker that explores the hedonism of ignoring tell-tale red flags as you rush into a new relationship. It’s a song that’s sure to connect at future live shows.

And Fickle Friends’ long-awaited return to the stage is finally drawing near, Their first show since December 2019 is scheduled to be at Sheffield’s Tramlines festival on July 25th, on a bill headed by Richard AshcroftDizzee Rascal and Tom Walker.

The ‘Weird Years’ concept is set to evolve into a full album project later this year. For now, however, its two seasons tell a compelling personal story of a time of challenges and transitions that’s weird but very real.

‘Weird Years: Season 2’ tracklist:

  1. ‘Not In The Mood’
  2. ‘Turns Me Bad’ (featuring Nightly)
  3. ‘Cosmic Coming of Age’
  4. ‘Won’t Hurt Myself’ 

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Danny Peart
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