Glass Mountain to release Glacial EP!

It would be easy for GLASS MOUNTAIN to refer to themselves as a Leeds band, to attach themselves to the vibrant and inventive landscape that city continues to foster. But no, GLASS MOUNTAIN are a Bradford band, proud of its heritage yet fully conscious of the neglect and under-investment their city has had to endure. Through adversity and austerity, however, great art often shines; and GLASS MOUNTAIN shine brilliantly.

Formed one year ago from the broken ashes of several other bands, GLASS MOUNTAIN locked themselves away in a Bradford cellar, utilised every fibre of their remarkable passion and talent and created the GLACIAL EP.

Influenced in no small part by the genius of David Hockney, one of Bradford’s finest ambassadors, they took their name from one of the artist’s etchings, and are bold and confident enough to have respectfully requested his personal blessing for their use of the name.

The self-produced GLACIAL EP lyrically reflects a fragility and uncertainty amidst a world of seeming bombast; an honesty that remains poetic and abstract, but one that speaks from the heart with an energy and power. Musically, the songs soar with subtle and complex arrangements, almost at times orchestral in nature, with a life-affirming bravery that at once transcends yet compliments the aching sentiments of the lyrics. It’s a staggering achievement.

The concept of the video for GLACIAL – the lead track, the one being serviced to radio and, defiantly, just under seven minutes without recourse to a schedule-friendly edit – is mesmerising. A simple idea in itself but one that is executed to such perfection and with such pained beauty that the effect, however many times it may be viewed, remains one of those rare and welcome lump-in-the-throat moments.

GLASS MOUNTAIN clearly care passionately about what they create. There are five tracks on the EP, each of them worthy of merit in their own right; each of them, perhaps in the hands of less confident artists, would be potential singles or, collectively, half an album. But GLASS MOUNTAIN have more of these songs in their armoury; songs that will be released when the time is right. For now, the GLACIAL EP is a statement of intent; a creation that may well still resonate in years to come.

Two tracks from the EP, GLACIAL and HOME IN THE WEATHER, will be released as a clear-vinyl 10” on 15 April 2016 to coincide with the band’s debut live performance on the same day at Leeds Headrow House. Limited to 25 copies, each will be accompanied by an individual and unique polaroid taken by the band.

On 10 June 2016, to coincide with their debut headline performance at Leeds 360 Club, the GLACIAL EP will be released on deluxe CD and available on download.

In the meantime, the video for GLACIAL is available to view above!


Fri 15 – LEEDS Headrow House

Fri 10 – LEEDS 360 Club

Sun 04 – BINGLEY Bingley Live




Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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