Review: Hit The Lights dazzle with brand new acoustic EP ‘Just To Get Through To You’!

Hit The Lights – ‘Just To Get Through To You’ – 06/05/16


Hit The Lights strip back in their latest EP ‘Just To Get Through To You’ which is available to purchase worldwide from today. The EP features acoustic tracks of the band’s most popular songs from their recent album ‘Summer Bones’ which are interspersed with a couple of older tracks from some earlier releases, for the more seasoned fans.

By now, music fans know what to expect from a band when they release an acoustic EP. Typically an album from a band’s discography is re-released with the same track listing played acoustically, and a lot of the time there’s nothing really special about these kinds of releases. In the case of ‘Just To Get Through To You’, however, Hit The Lights seems to have gone down a more personal route. “Originally, there were a few tracks from Summer Bones that we thought would be fun to do acoustically, and from there the idea sprang up to do a few older tracks as a nod to our older fans who have stuck by us throughout our career as Hit The Lights,” says vocalist Nick Thompson.

The EP itself presents a fantastic mixture of both old and new songs, with the track listing beginning with Blasphemy, Myself and I from the band’s latest release before continuing with an older track in the form of Drop The Girl. This new to old pattern continues for the rest of the 6-song track listing, before finishing on the new single Lighthouse the simplicity of which sets it apart from the rest of the songs on the EP. Overall, this new release from the pop punk 5-piece feels very much like a thank you to both old and new fans alike, for supporting them on their journey as a band. Choosing to end the EP on a new release gives the record as a whole a more personal feel, and is in a way a further thanks from the band to their fan-base, leaving them with a taste for new music to come.

Whether you’ve been a fan of Hit The Lights since the beginning or are just now finding them, I highly recommend this EP! The perfect soundtrack for summer evenings spent with friends in the sun, or even for just relaxing alone on a quiet afternoon. We would love to hear more acoustic tracks from this often overlooked and under-rated pop-punk band!


Review: Rowan Thomas

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