Liam Gallagher returns to the stage at Manchester Ritz with Oasis guitarist Bonehead

Liam Gallagher tonight played his debut solo gig at Manchester’s O2 Ritz and he had a big surprise for fans!

Ahead of the gig, Liam had promised some ‘serious rock n roll’, and although Noel Gallagher never joined his brother on stage as had been rumoured, original guitarist Bonehead did come on stage to play ‘Be Here Now’.

You can watch the first part of the set (courtesy of some very lucky fan) above!


‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’
‘Morning Glory’
‘Greedy Soul’ (New song)
‘Wall of Glass’ (New song)
‘Bold’ (New song)
‘Paper Crown’ (New song)
‘D’You Know What I Mean’
‘Slide Away’
‘It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way’ (New song)
‘You’d Better Run, You’d Better Hide’ (New song)
‘Universal Gleam’
‘Be Here Now’ (with Bonehead)
‘Live Forever’

Speaking last week to the Manchester Evening News, Liam said last weeks attack had influenced his preparations for the show, saying: “Yeah, it changes things. Some of the songs on the night are going to take on a different meaning.

“You do fall into the trap of getting up every night on tour and just doing it. But songs like ‘Live Forever’ are going to be tough ones to sing on Tuesday.”

Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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