Review: Bad Vibrations In all the Right Places! – A Day To Remember Return!

A Day To Remember – ‘Bad Vibrations’ – 02/09/16


A Day to Remember are right back at it again with their 6th studio album ‘Bad Vibrations’. 13 tracks once again proving the band’s integrity and commitment to that heavy unique blend of metal/rock/punk and at sometimes pop sound they have created over the years has not altered. The album opens with guitar feedback as if carrying on directly from where they left off with ‘Common Courtesy’, before bursting into that all familiar ADTR sound. Chants similar to a leader addressing his cult precede a festival sized explosion of heavy drums and stadium sized guitars, similar to that from previous notches in the band’s repertoire like ‘Downfall of us all’ (Homesick) open the album with title track ‘Bad Vibrations’.

The following track, and lead single ‘Paranoia’, lends a hand again to their heavier side, this time with a more rock/punk feel through the verses leading into the catchy chorus typical of the bands ‘poppier’ side. Circle pits spinning and noses still bleeding through the bridge and into the third track ‘Naivety’. A slightly different sound from the band than I was expecting here. The verses sound like Sum 41 have had a baby with The Ramones (Phil Spector years) sounding youthful leading into an almost pop chorus. If you don’t find yourself singing this melody later then something is wrong. Not overly convinced with the samples of bells playing over the track in my own opinion, sounds very plastic and false to me. Catchy nonetheless though.

All integrity is saved going forward into ‘Exposed’ with probably the heaviest riff on the album. The song overall is ‘nowt spesh’ but if you wanna chuck your beer and kick someone in the head then go and see this song live, you’ll have a whale of a time I imagine!

This is definitely an album of two halves. In the first half you get the heavier sound of the band expected from the more alternative, earlier years. The second half flows more with songs typical of the addictive (almost pop) chorus’s the guys are so capable of crafting. Tracks like ‘We Got This’ and ‘Justified’ offer two of the catchiest melodies from the album. ‘We Got This’ sounds like a song typical of the Mid Naughties pop punk era mixed with the more recent Blink 182 stuff. Not a problem at all – in fact far from it. The song feels uplifting and probably the most fun to be apart of watching them at a show and is definitely one of the more commercially accessible tracks.

The back end of the album feels a little limp in comparison with what came before. Slowing down with the more ballad’esque sounding ‘Forgive and Forget’ through to ‘Negative Space’ which feels weak musically and lyrically to any of the other tracks. The closing track Florida pays homage to ADTR’s home state (like the band so often love to do) and offering little more than a standard vocal performance over simple drums and standard power chord riffs typical of something heard in early naughties. They could have maybe left that track off but I’ll let you be the judge of that one.

All in all the album feels like a real success for the band, a perfect blend dynamically from track to track. Feel free to skip through the last 3 tracks, I won’t judge you and I don’t think the band would either to be totally honest.

Join the circle pits and nosebleeds and catch them on their uk arena tour throughout January 2017!


Review: James Rodgers

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