Review: Band Of Skulls return with killer album ‘By Default’!

Band Of Skulls – ‘By Default’ – 27/05/16

By Default opens fantastically with the track ‘Black Magic’ which instantly puts you at ease for the rest of the album. With a laid back groove and matching calm vocals from Russell Marsden you are reminded straight away of how good Band of Skulls actually are. ‘Black Magic’ was a fantastic choice of leading track. The third track on the album is ‘Killer’ which sees the band displaying a slightly sullener feel. This song has unmistakably incredible musicianship by the means of a killer bassline/drum partnership (excuse the pun). The layers this track provides, build up to create a captivating piece of music that just gets better every time you listen to it.

Another track to look out for is ‘So Good’ which stands out from the rest of the album for all the right reasons. Emma Richardson takes the lead on the vocals for this one giving a welcomed dynamic and delivering depth. A perfect song to blast out in the car with the top down while driving in the sun. ‘Little Mama’ is the eighth track and the real foot tapper and song most likely to stay with you after listening to the full album. ‘Little Mama’ has an unbelievable break down toward the end with an instinctive guitar solo that flawlessly reinforces the song.

By Default catapults Band of Skulls to the next level on their musical journey. It is a deep album with coatings of meaning all backed up with first-rate musical technicality. This innovative and some-what experimental work has clear psychedelic 60s roots and influences from the best of The Beatles. The album will fit with almost any situation from chilling at a festival to being a conversation starter at a party. Sit back, relax and open your mind to a whole new world you didn’t even know existed while you listen to the soundtrack of the Summer.


Review: Sam Preece

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