Review: Imagine Dragons’ ‘Evolve’ has everything!

Imagine Dragons – ‘Evolve’ – 24/06/17


Imagine Dragons are back for their third studio album, Evolve, and what a record this one may turn out to be.

Dropkicking onto the scene back in 2012 with the excellent debut album Night Visions, following with a yet another tasty record by the name of Smoke + Mirrors, it seems they may have just found their masterpiece.

Evolve has everything. From the towering beats of the popular single ‘Believer’ to the smooth catchiness of ‘Thunder’, the diversity of this album, whilst still being able to cement their own sound, is outstanding.

Opening track ‘I don’t Know Why’ offers a very synth led introduction that does leave you intrigued to whether the band is going in a new direction. But then you’re thrown back into the (Imagine) Dragon’s den when lead man Dan Reynolds blasts out the title lyrics to another one of their popular singles ‘Whatever It Takes’. They also maintain those warming ballad tones with ‘Walking The Wire’, which you can see becoming a crowd favourite with its passionately sung chorus. Definitely one for the iPhone torches now that we are beyond the days of pulling out the good old faithful lighter for a bit of mush.

‘Rise Up’ and ‘Mouth Of The River’ are some of the other stand out tracks to an album that is built from start to finish with a class of genius. The whole album breathes emotion and passion. You hear it in Reynolds’ voice. This is a band you can see going the distance and joining the likes of The Killers, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon, as arena heroes. Get them tickets booked, as this is a record you want to hear on the road.


Review: Harry Owen

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