Review: Jack White – Boarding House Reach

Jack White – Boarding House Reach – 23/03/18

If you want bat shit crazy blues that in no word makes sense but also does at the same time, Jack White is at the helm and so proves it with his third studio album, Boarding House Reach. Coming from someone that thinks White has well and truly already established himself away from The White Stripes, this new album will seal the deal for all you none-believers.

Jazz, gospel, funk, blues… this record has it all, seamlessly gelling together like a mouthful of skittles, making your mouth water for more. Whether its White’s intoxicating vocals or electrifying guitar riffs, you’re taken into this mysterious world of pure musical genius. How this guy’s mind works we will never know, but whatever it is doing it’s working.

Starting with gospel a gospel number in the title of ‘Connected by Love’, the album kicks off with an almighty bang of goosebump tinkling madness. It then settles you down with the smooth and bluesy ‘Why Walk a Dog?’, which has you gripped with pure simplicity. This then leads us into what is probably the catchiest tune on the album, ‘Corporation’, a progressive groove-heavy track with an experimental blend of genres, bringing in sounds of funk, congas and hip-hop styled percussion. One of my favourites on the record.

There are some wacky and wonderful track titles on the album from ‘Ice Station Zebra’ and ‘Get in the Mind Shaft’ to ‘Hypermisophoniac’ and ‘Humoresque’, which is a true play on its identically-titled genre.

White has definitely heightened himself in rock legend status with this record. Genius is the best word to describe the man, who already had it all with The White Stripes but wanted more. You Sir have delivered so much more!

This album is an experience you need to have. Probably even be worth seeing live!


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