Review: Kasabian return with the triumphant ‘For Crying Out Loud’

Kasabian – ‘For Crying Out Loud’ – 05/05/17

Kasabian are always going to be in the album charts when a new release hits the stores and download havens, not necessarily down to the success of the album but more the loyalty of the fanbase. Kasabian’s last few albums have been an understatement of underwhelming disappointment. Some rare few catchy tunes but an evident unsuccessful experimental faze. Early albums, Kasabian, Empire and West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum were clear stand out records, giving the band their infamous festival popularity. But the last couple, 48:13 and Velociraptor, have definitely missed the sweet spot leaving an unsatisfied few years in the bands career.

It’s not a dig at the band, as Kasabian have well deserved their place in rock heroics, with some outstanding records that will stand the test of time. Bands are allowed time to figure shit out. Look at Muse… they had some disappointing albums after initial success but now they’re flying. Maybe this is the projection for the Leicester boys, but it is the old cliché of ‘only time will tell’.

So how have they started this bold projection? Well, new album For Crying Out Loud suggests that they are back on the right path after quite a wobble. It seems the four piece have stripped it back to produce something quite focused and driven. No more experimental misdirection, but a clear direction in what is an album with a lot of momentum throughout. Song’s like ‘Ill Ray (The King)’, ‘You’re in Love With a Psycho’ and ‘Comeback’ are a taste of a potential return of festival anthems for the band. They give off a hint of fan favourites when it comes to touring. A less is more approach has most certainly paid off for them this time round.

And it isn’t just an album of selected gems, as tracks such as ‘The Party Never Ends’ and ‘Are You Looking for Action?’ offer something well worth listening to again. It is an album that is, to put it simply, an easy listen from start to finish. It seems Kasabian have made a triumphant return and long may it continue, as long as they don’t go off course and return to the dark depths of experimentation. It’s a warning lads… it works for some but maybe you guys just need to stick at what you’re good at and that is delivering some fantastic festival anthems.


Review: Harry Owen

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