Review: Pierce The Veil dive in to album number 4 with their Misadventures!

Pierce The Veil – ‘Misadventures’ – 13/05/16


They’re back! Pierce The Veil have returned with their new album ‘Misadventures‘ and it’s everything that was loved before and even more.

It kicks off with an almost eerie introduction at the beginning of ‘Dive In’. We’re greeted with an insane guitar riff through the verses and eased into the nostalgic vocals from Vic Fuentes. The song has an excellent heavy breakdown that sends it’s dynamic into overdrive. Did someone say mosh pit? The fourth track ‘Floral and Fading’ gives a break from the heavier side of the album with an easy listening tune. It gives the album a more chilled out edge with a typical pop structure and catchy vocals. However, the track that most shows off Vic’s vocal diversity and ability is ‘Circles’. This is sure to be a future hit from the album as it shows slightly more musical emotion than any of the other songs.

Don’t be mistaken by ‘Gold Medal Ribbon’s’ tame intro because the chorus’ definitely have some punch behind them. This mysterious track adds yet more range to the album and shows just how PTV’s experimenting has paid off. For a heavier song listen to the 10th track ‘Sambuka’ which manages to display the bands more powerful side while still maintaining the crucial melodies that have come to be expected from them. Finishing the album off is ‘Song for Isabelle’, a heart-felt love song which for the most part is a good listen. Although, some of the light and dark shades of the song seem misplaced it is uncertain whether this is done on purpose to reflect the confusing theme of the song.

It is great to see PTV back in action with this great album that is recommended to any pop-punk fan. It is one of those albums that will just get better the more you listen to it and learn and grow with the songs.


Review: Sam Preece

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