Saviour release new track ‘The Quiet Calm’!


Perth’s SAVIOUR have released a brand new track “The Quiet Calm”, the second taste of new music from their freshly rebooted line up, which showcases the extraordinary talent of dual vocalists Shontay Snow and Bryant Best.

Click below to listen to “The Quiet Calm“!

Frontman Best says “The Quiet Calm” is a time capsule in the evolution of SAVIOUR . “”The Quiet Calm” is atrack that I think represents SAVIOUR’s sound very well – a mixture of delicate and energy. The track is quite personal and can be summed up with the line ‘everything I left unsaid’. I never realised how important communicating was until recently when it became a demon of mine. The future of Saviour is still being moulded, both sound wise and as an entity, and I think “The Quiet Calm” captured a time for us well. It’ll be a track I can look back on one day and connect. It’s something I am proud of. I hope it’s felt. I hope it’s heard.”
Before they originally called it a day, SAVIOUR were one of the most promising young Australian bands in heavy music. Their acclaimed debut album, First Light To My Death Bed, released via UNFD in October 2013 put the band on the fast-track to becoming one of the best in the genre – until their sudden decision to call it a day in early 2014. The announcement left their flourishing fanbase reeling and sparked an outpouring of grief on social media.

The freshly rebooted SAVIOUR features three brand new members, including the addition of Shontay Snow who has always had a presence in the band’s music. Snow’s addition to the band as a full-time member not only rejuvenated the line up, but it also helped SAVIOUR reshape their sound for the next leg of their journey which continues this November when the band showcases the wonder of “The Quiet Calm” on their national headline tour. There’s also an album announcement on the horizon too.

Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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