Secrets release new video for ‘Rising Up’ from upcoming album ‘Everything That Got Us Here’

San Diego­based band, SECRETS, have released their new music video for “Rise Up” which you can watch the video above!

“Rise Up” is the second single off of SECRETS’ upcoming album ‘Everything That Got Us Here‘, out December 11, 2015 via Rise Records  “We all want to end up on top and be the best at whatever venture we are on. Most times when it matters most, it feels like the universe wants you to lose, but I don’t think that’s true.,” says vocalist and guitarist Richard Rogers, of the inspiration behind “Rise Up”. I believe that where there is the option of losing we are presented with the opportunity to rise above and win as well. Greatness can’t arise through typical lives.”

Fans can stream another single, “Left Behind” on Rise Records’ YouTube Channel HERE

Everything That Got Us Here, produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember) and Tom Denney (A Day To Remember), is SECRETS’ first release with new vocalist, Wadde Walters. The album is now available for pre­order through iTunes: and MerchNow: When pre­ordering Everything That Got Us Here on iTunes, fans will receive a free, instant download of “Left Behind. For more information, please visit: “Everyone is on their own journey, chasing their own dreams,” says vocalist and guitarist Richard Rogers, in regards to the band’s new music. “The first rule you should know about this journey is that it doesn’t matter how much money, time or work you put into it. The thing that matters most is that you don’t get left behind and never give up on it. This album is about our journey thus far and everything that got us here.”


Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Rise Up
3. Left Behind
4. Learn To Love
5. Half Alive
6. The Man That Never Was
7. For What It’s Worth
8. I’ll Be Fine
9. Turn The Page
10. “In Loving Memory”
11. The One With No One

Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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