Skull to release debut single ‘RPM’!

Carving out a path that has led to their own blend of alternative rock and doom-blues noise, Leeds quartet SKULL produce heavy riffs and high octane solos with the echoing bellows of a melancholic fabulist. The band release their debut single, RPM, on 19 November with a single launch the same night at the 360 Club at Leeds Library.

You can listen to RPM here

And watch the video for RPM above!

SKULL recently formed from the ashes of a previous Leeds band, a band renowned for their highly charged and ferocious live performances. This, however, is one step further. SKULL have taken all they’ve learned; all the power they’ve harnessed before; all their experience, not to mention a dark humour, and created something special. The first of many special moments to be released carefully and with consideration.

RPM is barely three minutes long but stuffed to the brim with a thunderous rhythm, mesmerising guitars and a vocal that, despite its relative restraint, could and probably does strip paint from a distance. It’s as exciting as anything we’re likely to hear this year. Their debut live appearance at the 360 Club on 19 November is destined to be a sweaty, possibly messy, but certainly memorable night.

“… The force of this four-piece is undeniable as the front row is drenched in testosterone-fuelled drive; they’re loving it and it’s great …” VIBRATIONS

“… Can you imagine a bluesy, punk, rock n roll band? With a dash of grunge as an added measure? No, I couldn’t. Until I listened, that is. Then it all makes sense. Plenty of guitars and raw vocals, it’s taking the best parts of these genres across the decades that creates a fresh outlook …” LEEDS SOUND LOCAL

“… The Danzig-esque gloom is packed with throaty full-moon howls and growling bass, trudging menacingly …” BANG THE DRUM

“… An absolute head banging banger; lulling you into a false sense of security with its down tempo before repeatedly slamming your head into a rhythmic bounce that leaves you feeling both exhausted and satisfied …” LEEDS MUSIC SCENE

“… It’s a serious set with tons of drama and the band perform energetically; things go up another couple of notches in terms of pace and power, almost approaching thrash intensity …” VIBRATIONS


JONNY [vocals and guitar] AARON [bass] BEN [guitar] and MARK [drums]

No surnames necessary just now. They may live near you and we wouldn’t want you to be alarmed.


Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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