We Are The In Crowd announce hiatus, and new side project!

we are the in crowd

In May of 2015, members of We Are The In Crowd announced that they had finished their third studio album.

After they finished the record, however, everything stopped. The band dropped off everyone’s radar. Activity on their socials has been sporadic at best. Their last Facebook post was shared on December 2, 2014—over a year ago!

This morning, frontwoman Tay Jardine tweeted, “And a happy morning smile your support of this new journey…I can’t explain. More details very soon.” She added in a separate tweet, “Feels so good to count the ones I’ve counted on for the last 5-6 yrs. You can count on me too! This is the best move I’ve made in a while.”

Kerrang! has run a story revealing the preliminary details behind Jardine’s new project, which will reportedly feature every member of We Are The In Crowd other than guitarist Jordan Eckes. Additionally, according to their report, the band are on hiatus.

“It was a lot of fun for me,” shares Jardine of working on the new project. “I was writing melodies in a way that didn’t involve two people, splitting parts from a male perspective or whatever. Because ever since I was 19, that’s what I’ve been doing. So it’s such a different and fun way of working for me. I was writing melodies based around my voice alone, so I was able to showcase a lot more and a lot better than before.”

She continues, “The songs feel more fun to me! I don’t want to say the record is done necessarily, because we just can’t stop writing, but it could be done. The songs we did record were in about two weeks like, ‘boom boom boom’! The guys were wondering what the hell was wrong with me! [Laughs.] It was fun and easy, which made me realise [sic] it was such an important move and the right one for now.”

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