Zac Farro’s Halfnoise release video for ‘Scooby’s in the Back’

“Scooby’s in the Back” itself feels like a pure shot of hippie nostalgia, and, along with the rest of The Velvet Face EP, it’s especially indebted to bands like The Beach Boys, and The Beatles at their most psychedelic. Was the video, with its surf shots and rose tint, intended to reflect this? “The entire The Velvet Face EP to me was intended to feel like those older records like Pet Sounds and Rubber Soul,” he says, “so I wanted the video to match that. That Beach Boys-y, trippy feel was exactly what I was going for. I came across this amazing footage of New Zealand in the 70s, all shot on 16mm film, and I couldn’t see the video being anything besides that footage. I felt like I found gold.”

Recording The Velvet Face EP, Zac was also particularly influenced by the tangibility of music from the past: “I was heavily influenced, and still am, by a lot of 60s and 70s music from the UK and France. I loved how direct and human the music felt back then—not computerized like it is today. So I wanted to take from that time and incorporate that into my music and visuals as well,” he tells me. The video has all the real-feeling fuzz of the era it comes from, and only adds to the track’s vivid conjuring of a highly specific time and place—watching the video, it’s easy to imagine yourself in the water, or on the beach, too.

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Out NOW on all digital platforms and vinyl via Congrats!

1. Scooby’s In The Back
2. French Class
3. As U Wave
4. Someday
5. Velvet Face

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