Review: Feeder ‘All Bright Electric’ – the coolest album you’ll listen to this year!

Feeder – All Bright Electric’ – 09.10.16


The legends that brought us super hits ‘Just a Day’ and ‘Buck Rodgers’ are back and it sounds as if they haven’t lost their touch at all!

It’s been a long-awaited new release for Feeder following ‘Generation Freakshow’ four years ago. During that time singer, Grant Nicholas, embarked on a solo project in which saw the release of debut album ‘York Town Heights’ and a tour around the country.

Back to Feeder, Nicholas has now produced the bands 9th studio album ‘All Bright Electric’, claiming it to be the “most complete to date” album they have done so far. The album is described as capturing the heart and soul of Feeder. Grant went on to say “recording All Bright Electric felt as exciting as making our first album Polythene”.

The latter definitely shows after a first taste of the album, as Feeder rediscover and revitalize some of the sounds present in their first few albums. Songs such as ‘Oh Mary’ and ‘Paperweight’ offer some of the strong contrasts you will always find in a Feeder album. From heart-felt and warming to heavy and driven, it is what makes Feeder so exciting.

The two singles, ‘Universe of Life’ and ‘Eskimo’ are definitely standout tracks, with some of the most exciting riffs done by the band to date. ‘Universe of Life’ has a hard-hitting drive to it, which can’t help but make you feel that bit of rock led anarchy. Whilst ‘Eskimo’, has such a great sound to it, you can’t help but bob your head like you’re the coolest motherfucker on the street, train, plane, wherever the fuck you are!

After ‘Eskimo’ you quite conveniently are taken to another tasty track in ‘Geezer’, which has much of a 90s feel to it with a very atmospheric intro. The album continues to fail to disappoint with other stand out tracks such as, ‘Infrared-Ultraviolet’ and ‘Holy Water’, and ending on a personal favourite, ‘Another Day on Earth’, which is a gentle middle finger to the shit that is just not important and presents a bigger picture.

Now just consisting of singer and guitarist Grant Nicholas and bass player Taka Hirose, these boys definitely haven’t lost their mojo of creating something so authentically pure and exciting, it will have the hairs tinkling on your arms. There should be more bands like this.



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