Bastille revive Bad Blood in Leeds


10 years on from the release of their ground-breaking album ‘Bad Blood’ which put them well on the map with the epic ‘Pompeii’, Bastille are now touring their first full length album in full once again, but this time in celebration of its anniversary with a release of a special edition ‘Bad Blood X’.

Before its release at midnight, Bastille (7/10) first take the stage at the Millennium Square for their part to play in Leeds very own Sound of the City. A Sold-out crowd gather in the sunshine on a Thursday night excitably awaiting the return of the British Pop-Rock band to the Leeds. Bastille’s very own frontman Dan Smith studied English in Leeds so it’s a show that the frontman will have also been looking forward to as much as the fans have.

The stage is packed with platforms spread around the drums and behind stands a huge screen displaying the bands logo with ‘Bad Blood X’ scrawled in red across it. From beneath the smoke screen the band begin to appear as they are welcomed to the stage with applause, and frontman Dan Smith stands tall at the back of the stage above the drums as the sound of album opener and their biggest track ‘Pompeii’ kicks off the show on the front foot. Its infectious chorus is one which the crowd can’t hold back from singing along to.

From here on were taken track by track through their UK number 1 triple platinum album from front to back. ‘Things We Lost in the Flames’ follows on from ‘Pompeii’ and sounds fantastic, before album title track ‘Bad Blood’ continues the celebrations.

The band break for a moment for backing vocalist and keyboardist Kyle Simmons, to explain to the crowd how the night will proceed with the celebrations of their album with clips of unseen footage from behind the scenes of their ‘Bad Blood’ touring cycle years ago. The clips continue to break up the set every few songs showcasing moments of the band including changing tyres of their tour ride, tattooing, a few hangovers and traveling home.

Bastille’s debut album is a fantastic one and one that truly went under the radar initially with critics underselling it, but ultimately its reception from fans in the UK and across the world drove Bastille to new and untouchable heights bringing them instant success.

It’s certainly an album worth celebrating, especially with the likes of ‘Flaws’, ‘Weight Of Living’, and ‘Laura Palmer’ particularly as fan favourites. Slower more emotional tracks such as ‘Oblivion’ sound incredible live with Dan’s vocals on point, even as he holds himself to high standards and constantly looks frustrated with either his in ear, or his microphone, or both. But none the less it doesn’t prevent him from a strong performance. The band as a whole play exceptionally well and the addition of backing vocals only adds much more to the show than what they would have had on the original Bad Blood tour 10 years ago.

Following the album, Bastille return to the stage for a rather long encore of some of their biggest tracks post ‘Bad Blood’. Some of their livelier and more dance driven hits feel fitting to close of a night of celebrations, such as ‘Of the Night’ and their colab track with Marshmello; ‘Happier’, as well as the slightly more rockier ‘WHAT YOU GONNA DO???’, and of course the hit single ‘Good Greif’ couldn’t be left out either. A tremendous evening closes with the upbeat ‘Shut Off The Lights’ doing just that, and leaving everyone filled with joy singing along with a smile on their face.

It’s been a fantastic way to celebrate the anniversary of Bastille’s biggest and most recognised album and the perfect way to lead us into its release later in the evening.

Check out the full set of live photos from this show here!


Photo Credit: © Danny Peart Photography 2023
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Danny Peart
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