DMA’S lay it down in Leeds

DMA’s – Leeds Beckett – 09/05/18

The band is running behind and the crowd is packed into the Leeds Beckett Union ready for the DMA’s (9), and because it’s Leeds it means “Yorkshire” chants fill the air until finally we and greeted with the boys from Australia. Straight away bodies are moving and shaking and the energy levels are high and even new songs such as ‘Time & Money’ from the barley 2 week old album ‘For Now’ are being sung back to the band.

Singer Tommy voice is stronger than one would think from listening to their albums but live he doesn’t miss a note, showcasing his signature vocals on tracks from the previous album Hills End such as Step Up The Morphine, and they go down a treat with the punters.

One thing I realise is that the DMA’s are filling a void that has been left by so many great British pop rock bands, most the people in this venue were too young to have even seen bands like Oasis live, and the DMA’s write songs that speak to those who were raised by those classic British rock bands. They write songs for those of us who want to punch fists in the air and put their arms around their friends whilst singing along to a ballad about being in a bad relationship or wanting to kick a door down. They make music for the people in the same way that the Gallagher Brothers and or Pavement did and that’s why they are compared to them, that’s why this crowd is climbing over each other to get to them.

The boy’s play a roaring set with very little dips in energy. Even with acoustic tracks like Delete the crowd doesn’t rest for a minute. After the encore they finish with Play It Out and people are on shoulders hands are in the air and it feels like it would have been a good night to be the DMA’s.

Check out more live photos from this show here!

Review & Photos: Amy Heycock

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