Laughing, crying and crying laughing with Lewis capaldi at the Open air Theatre

Lewis Capaldi – Scarborough Open Air Theatre – 20/07/19

He stormed the album charts with his debut full length ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent’, and dominated the single charts with his huge hit ‘Someone You Loved’ which went on to be the biggest selling UK single of the year. Now Lewis Capaldi is raring and ready to kick off a huge UK & European tour off the back of his tremendous success and we just can’t wait…

Fortunately, Lewis Capaldi decided to kick off his tour in Scarborough off the back of a festival season including an appearance at Glastonbury, which found him in the limelight at Noel Gallagher’s expense once again after the ex Oasis guitarist was quoted asking ‘Who’s this Capaldi fella?’ after claiming ‘Music is fucking wank at the moment’. Capaldi’s tongue and cheek response to mocking the frontman has only turned more heads in his direction, and now we get to find out who this Lewis Capaldi fella really is…

Rolling out on stage to confetti cannons blasting an 8000 strong crowd at the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough to the sound of ‘Here comes the money’, Capaldi already has the crowd laughing before he’s even started the show. “Who loves some proper Rock n Roll” asks the Scottish singer, before the cheers are greeted with a response of ‘Well you’re going to hate this!”

Capaldi kicks off his set with a solid performance of ‘Grace’ which has everyone singing at the top of their voices before the heartfelt ‘Forever’ follows. With only one albums worth of material to play through the setlist is quite predictable, but he has enough character to fill a headline slot with just that. He flies though a set filled with moving sing alongs of heartbreak and honesty and his vocals throughout are impeccable.

The disparity in Capaldi between his music and personal persona is quite unique, and it shows tonight with his loveable and hilarious stage presence between pouring his heart out. We’ve never been to a gig that the crowd are dancing and smiling whilst singing through a moving heartfelt song before, and honestly it’s confusing but brilliant at the same time.

He plays his way through the likes of ‘’Rush’, ‘Bruises’ and ‘Lost On You’ effortlessly between piano and guitar, displaying his tallent as a musician with ease before steering into ‘Headspace’. What follows is pure Lewis Capaldi down to the T. He introduces his next song whilst dancing on the spot desperate for “a pish” as he put it, and after the encouragement of the crowd he decided to leave the stage with the microphone to narrate his way into the women’s toilets in comical fashion. He returns to the stage to be greeted with sarcastic cheers and he dives straight into the fantastic ‘Hollywood’ to get the set back underway, as the Open air Theatre rains red and white confetti.

The final part of his set see’s the obvious exclusions from the show come to life. ‘Hold Me while You wait’ steadily progresses into a burst of life as sparks fly from the stage and more confetti blasts through the sky to create a truly special moment for the Scarborough crowd. The massive hit ‘Someone You Loved’ is unsurprisingly the set finale and ends the evening with everyone bellowing out the lyrics one last time.

It’s been an incredible year for Lewis Capaldi so far, and it’s only growing stronger as he begins to concur Europe piece by piece.  So, who is this Capaldi fella? Well it turns out he’s just one of the most successful solo artists of the year.

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Photo Credit: © Danny Peart Photography 2019

Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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