Feeder deliver the Best Of

Feeder – Leeds Academy – 13/03/18

© Anth Longstaff

As the pit floors of Leed’s O2 academy open, they are flooded with generations of loyal admiring Feeder fans. Those who probably discovered the South West band during the 90s, anticipating they might play a few of their early hits from Polythene or even Swim. Then you had those that most likely fit into my category of being introduced to Echo Park and Comfort in Sound when the group started to get more noticed. The last of the tightly squeezed crowd were those that probably only knew two songs (Just a Day and Buck Rodgers), but those songs themselves are worth paying a ticket for.

Feeder, now just compromising lead man Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose, were celebrating 25 years together with their latest album ‘The Best Of’, which with Spotify, Apple Music etc, always seem like a bit of a kop out, but Feeder rewarded their fans with some fresh tracks. Kudos to them.

Opening with ‘Feeling the Moment’, the crowd were instantly in Feeder’s palms as they continued to bash out hit after hit with ‘Shatter’, ‘Renegades’ and ‘Pushing the Senses’ soon following. The quality in some of the songs I feel has been slightly missed in mainstream bustle. There is a sense that Feeder are a bit under-rated and never given the attention they deserved but in the next breath their is that feeling of them being a band for the loyal fan. A band that sticks to its guns and delivers the music they want to play and create.

© Anth Longstaff

Anyway back on with show. The set continues with some old gems slipping in their to satisfy their oldest of fans. The fan favourite ‘Insomnia’ calls out, as well as a track that hasn’t graced the stage in a while – Echo Park’s ‘Piece by Piece’. This choice was greatly received by the now drunken shoal of loyal supporters. One of the standout tracks of the performance by far.

Later Nicholas gave the crowd the choice between two old favourites. ‘Cement’ or ‘My Perfect Day?’ he bellowed. There was a third option but was a bit of a miss. ‘My Perfect Day’ got the narrow victory but ‘Cement’ followed as great probably thought ‘fuck it, they deserve both’. The crowd was pretty impressive throughout and you got the feeling Feeder didn’t want the show to end with a staggering 24 tracks performed.

The band closed with ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’ and ‘Buck Rodgers’, which had every soul in the place screaming their lungs out, whilst bustling into one and other. This followed by an impressive encore of five (yes five!) songs. Some acoustic numbers were played before wrapping the night off with fan favourite ‘Seven Days in the Sun’ and the legendary ‘Just a Day’. A great show delivered by a great band. These boys will always have a strong following and believe they will continue to push out more new material to their fans’ delight.

© Anth Longstaff

Review: Harry Owen
Photography: © Anth Longstaff

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