The Chainsmokers bring an explosive set to the Roundhouse!

The Chainsmokers / DJ Nick Martin – London Roundhouse – 25/02/17

dj nick martin

Starting the night, DJ Nick Martin (6) warmed things up with a series of well-mixed popular tracks. Hit tracks mixed with a few classics had the crowd partially involved, but despite playing some huge songs and an impressive montage mixed towards the end of the set, it all fell a little flat possibly due to the magnitude of the headliners and the show expected. Although the set never really took off, it was impressive nonetheless and
certainly worth a listen.

Opening with a remix of their hit Closer, the night started in a blaze of fireworks and CO2, a real eye opener. Although the bass was slightly overpowering, the minute the music started the crowd pulsed into life, moving to the beat. Although EDM acts arguably struggle to fill an entire stage when consisting of few members tonight didn’t leave that feeling, jumping around the stage and inciting the crowd it was clear The Chainsmokers (9) knew how to throw a party. The lights and special effects, along with the music itself all came together and formed a very impressive show.

A number of classics found their way into the mix, bringing out huge sing-a-longs, such as Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chili Peppers and What’s My Age Again by Blink-182. The production used this evening was seriously impressive, during most songs the lighting would pair off with use of CO2 cannons and pyro. During Something Like This, their track featuring Coldplay, screens behind the stage showed a lyric video and CO2 and streamer cannons went off, a real highlight in an already impressive evening.


Paris brought the heat to the evening with pyrotechnics being used frequently as fire cannons and fireworks went off throughout the performance, whilst the screens showed shots filmed by hand behind the stage. Ending the show with New York City, they ended things with a real spectacle as multicoloured confetti poured out of the canons, much to the delight of the crowd who went wild. They might be relatively new to the heights of success they’ve reached, but The Chainsmokers will certainly be going further with performances like this under their belts.

the chainsmokers

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Review & Photos: Jade Falconer photography

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