All Time Low & SWMRS rock The House Of Blues in Orlando

All Time Low / SWMRS / Waterparks / The Wrecks
The House Of Blues – Orlando Florida  – 07/08/17

Since the beginning of the year, our favorite last young renegades have been around the world and now, they are finally back. As summer was underway, All Time Low kicked off their US leg of the tour, and decided to end the tour with a bang – two Orlando dates. Unfortunately, the first date was canceled the day of, with only a few hours remaining before the show, due to an air condition issue. Thankfully the second date went as planned and I honestly don’t think it could have gone any better, it was a hell of a concert. I am pretty sure that no one will “forget the good times” experienced in the House of Blues that night.

The Wrecks (8.5), a five piece hailing from Los Angeles, were lucky enough to open up the show for such a stacked lineup. Although they may be newcomers, their performance definitely did not give that way. They took the stage with nothing but confidence and brought the heat as they played through catchy songs like “Favorite Liar” and “Turn it Up.” So if you’re looking for a band both full of fun and riffs, then The Wrecks are for you. They may be newbies, but not for long. There is no way that talent like this won’t leave a mark on the scene.

Blue hair, blue guitar, yellow drum kit – such color combination is unmistakable. Waterparks (7) kicked off their set with their older single “Mad All The Time,” which really set the scene for their rest of the trios melodic yet angsty set. This tour also gave the band the perfect opportunity to showcase hits off their newest release Double Dare, which composed most of their set list. With their boyish charm and interesting sound of electronic pop-punk, it’s no surprise that they had a rather large fan base in the crowd. I won’t lie, ever since played “Dizzy,” it’s been stuck in my head.

Fresh off, not only the UK, but also the European leg of the tour, SWMRS (10) has done it once again. They landed another spot touring with All Time Low; which if you have ever given them a listen or better yet seen them live, they have rightfully deserved. As of right now, SWMRS is one of the most iconic bands out there, both music wise and in regards to originality. They really made a name for themselves by giving a big finger to society with their speeches in between songs, disregards for gender norms and their song “Miley.” They are no strangers to the music business though, previously they were known as Emily’s Army, but since then, their musical growth is undeniable. From the opening note of “Palm Trees” they went off with such an unstoppable energy. Even when they turned it down a notch for “Lose It,” they still had the crowd in the palm of their hands. With such a raw performance, they truly were a pleasure to see live. Loud, proud and outspoken, SWMRS is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

With the unfortunate last minute cancellation of the other Orlando date the night before, expectations were extremely high for this show. But of course All Time Low (10) went above and beyond. Even with such great opening bands, it would be a lie to say that All Time Low did not just steal the show, but a few hearts as well. Although they’ve been critiqued on their new sound on The Last Young Renegade, their talent still shines through regardless and I must say that I love this new era of All Time Low. They played some of their catchiest newbies like “Dirty Laundry,” “Drugs & Candy,” and my personal favorite “Life of The Party,” just to name a few. They are a band that I’ve been a fan of for quite a long time, so it is really an honor seeing how much they’ve grown. They did quite a well job of creating a well-balanced set-list bringing together old and new fans alike. Even with the show being sold-out, the atmosphere between All Time Low and the crowd was still intimate; especially when they played “Missing You” and “Therapy.” They even inviting fans onto the stage twice during their set, which was heartwarming to watch. It was hard to believe that this night would ever come to an end. But eventually All Time Low ended their encore, almost a tradition, with their banger “Dear Maria.”

Review & Photography: Emmely Pavila

Danny Peart
Editor / Live Music Photographer / Journalist at Soundcheck-Live

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